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The comic book themed slots you MUST play

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10th Sep 20 10:05 am

Hollywood is packed with superheroes from both the playbooks of DC and Marvel and that means the secondary income opportunities are seemingly endless.

One of those income streams has been in the online gaming sector with slot games in particular proving a lucrative business with a majority (if not all) boasting more than one opportunity to hit the slots with your favourite superhero.

However, since Marvel pulled the licencing for their characters to be used on slot games, it has enabled DC to get a foothold in the market with lots of opportunities for DC fans to hit the online slots as their favourite characters.

So, with so much choice on offer, which are the very best you simply must give a go?

Man of Steel

More commonly known as Superman, Playtech’s Man of Steel takes you on a rip roaring adventure in the battle for Earth with the opportunity to win some big bucks thanks to not one, not two, not three, but four progressive jackpots.

There are some fun game features too such as the Battle the Earth in which Superman takes on General Zod to create extra wilds on the reels thus generating more free spins and opportunities to win.

Although Man of Steel is based on a film that game out in 2013, there is not an out of date feel with it and the atmosphere and four progressive jackpots make this slot game a real winner.

Suicide Squad

Based on the 2016 film of the same name, Suicide Squad is a bright, celebrity packed game featuring all the main characters from the movie.

The bright symbols enhance the enjoyment as does the gameplay as there are 50 paylines across the 5-reels.

However, the addition of the DC Superheros jackpot is what makes this slot game really stand on its own two feet with four progressive jackpots paying out randomly – and that is something we like very much!

The Dark Knight

You cannot mention DC and not include Batman in the conversation. Fortunately, the Dark Knight online slot game is also pretty good too.

A high return to player rate means you have regular wins with the Joker and Batman respins feature handing out some pretty high paying symbols.

The addition of three free game bonuses adds a real spice of variety to the game meaning you won’t get bored easily and the high quality graphics of the familiar characters really adds to the atmosphere and engrossing nature of the Batman themed slot game.

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