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The 10 big claims David Cameron has made in the Tory manifesto

by LLB Editor
14th Apr 15 3:35 pm

Prime Minister David Cameron unveiled the Conservative manifesto today promising you and me a “brighter future”.

The Tories’ launched six election themes today: the economy, jobs, taxes, home-ownership, education and retirement.

In his foreword, Cameron set out to answer a key question: “How do we maintain our economic recovery, upon which our ambitions for our country depend? And how do we make sure that the recovery benefits every one of our citizens, at every stage of their lives?”

“This Manifesto sets out our plan to do just that. It is a plan for a better future – for you, for your family. It is a plan for every stage of your life.

“For your new-born baby, there will be the world’s best medical care. For your child, there will be a place at an excellent school. As you look for your first job, we are building a healthy economy that provides a good career for you with a decent income. As you look for that first home, we will make sure the Government is there to help.

“As you raise your family, we will help you with childcare. And as you grow older, we will ensure that you have dignity in retirement. Throughout, we will make sure that if you or your family fall ill, you will always be able to depend on our cherished National Health Service to give you the care you need.”

Here are the 10 big claims Cameron has made in the manifesto:

1. Eliminate the deficit by 2017/18. Cut spending by £30bn over the next two years and become the most prosperous major economy in the world by the 2030s.

2. No income tax on earnings less than £12,500.

3. Freeze commuter rail fares in real terms for the whole of the next Parliament.

4. Extension of the right-to-buy scheme to housing association tenants in England.

5. Build 200,000 starter homes with 20% discount on market price.

6. An extra £8bn a year for the NHS by 2020.

7. No income tax on earnings less than £12,500 & new law to ensure we have a tax-free minimum wage.

8. Hold an in-out referendum by the end of 2017.

9. Increasing the inheritance tax threshold on family homes to £1m by 2017.

10. Reduce net migration.

Click here to read the full manifesto


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