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Sports betting tips for beginners

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4th Feb 21 3:52 pm

Making your sport betting skills go from amateur to professional, can sometimes seem such a distant goal, especially if you are new to the entire concepts of sports betting. With time betting does get easier; it will be a case of practicing different strategies and seeing what works out as the best for yourself. As time goes by, you will gain the confidence to try out more advanced techniques, but you should also be able to fill in all the gaps to your knowledge that you didn’t possess before.

This guide has been exclusively designed with perfecting sports betting, from a beginner’s point of view. www.ratedbettingsites.co.uk have a list of sites that you can use all the betting tips you have learned on, as you will be amazed how the small little changes can do a world of good to your everyday gambling activities.

Small betting limits

First thing is first, by betting with smaller values, you will come to realise how much more sustainable it is overall. The beginning process of learning how to win, means that you cannot afford to lose great amounts of money for the multiple bets that you most likely will one of, or none in most cases. The beginning phases of you grasping sports betting should be done in small steps, meaning the betting value of your bets should follow through on that same principle.

You need to decide on a bankroll when you first start betting, that means essentially a budget per bet, from your entire cash flow. The way to go about it, is to divide your total pot of money by a 100, to distinguish how much you should bet, if you are looking to make 100 bets for example, for the month. Therefore, by giving you an example, a bankroll of £1000, should never exceed at more than £10 per bet, if you divide it by 100 as stated. 

With this strategy, if you are hoping to make some cash with the least mistakes possible, this would be a way of achieving that. If you consider one bet of £10 lost from £1000 for example, that would only be at a 1% loss, which is definitely not costing you too much here, is it?

Focus on a niche

When you focus on a niche in sports betting, you will find that it will be less overwhelming for you and your gambling experience. Newbies will tend to dive right into a huge sector of sports, that they enjoy but not know too much about for example. Sure, going for the most obvious profitable worthy bets is a great idea, yet you firstly need to know all the details of that sport and the betting options. Not knowing the niche of the sports is your first mistake. By starting on something specific, genre-wise, you are setting your probably chances of success much more easily. Especially since it will be easier to expand your knowledge for that particular niche.

Moneyline wagers are the one

By making the Moneyline bets, you are opting for the most common bet and therefore the easiest to win. We all know that there are different betting lines, the Moneyline is the one that has better prospects and small odds to combat against. Money Lines represent a team winning with a simple outcome too, and therefore it will always be easier going into who’s going to win a game outright, than to opt for other more complicated outcomes.

Know the sports betting profit model

To make the best decisions for yourself, you will need to first know how a sportsbook actually makes the money from bets. This way, you will understand how a profit is actually made and therefore that should aid your seeking of some profit. 

When you consider the vig, that is the basis of all the profit the sportsbook actually makes. For example, for a chance of you winning $110, from a $100 bet, you would only be profiting $10, whereas the sportsbook would profit $100 should you lose or another lose (from someone else). So essentially the sportsbook would profit far greater, from what you have to risk. From each side of the bet they always lock in profit.

Of course, if there was a situation where the sportsbook will have the exact same amount wagered for each side of the bet, then that would accomplish a good line for the averages that are placed over time. Of course, this isn’t a realistic expectation, as sportsbooks will always want some rise of profit in any case. However, the set lines from sportsbooks are not set on a predicted final score, meaning punters will be able to find and seize some profit from lines in the process, should you predict the score of games correctly that is. 

Bigger games will have tighter lines

This is probably quite obvious; however, it can often be overlooked. As we mentioned about the sports betting profit model, keep in mind that betting outcomes will need to get action from the punters from both sides, to get as much action as possible. Of course, this is never certain because even the most popular games will generate betting action from different sides. The sportsbook will need to make sure the line they predict does not cost them more loss than profit.

A sportsbook will never want to predict the actual score, they will want to make sure the betting line gets as much action and interaction as possible. For that reason, bigger games will need to have tighter lines to ensure they are saving more money and energy to take up the volume of all the bettors and action they could receive. 

It always has been shown by huge sports sites like Sky Sports, that have reported the super bowl to have great volumes of betting, so this is where bookies would need to ensure their betting lines meet a medium between profit and loss.

Dangerous sports: Avoid them 

Sports bettors will often overlook the possibility of a game being fixed and for that reason, you will see that it can cost you money without you ever even knowing. Not all sports are easy to fix, it is often one outcome sports like tennis that are easier to fix, as opposed to team sports for example. But nevertheless, being mindful of the possibility of fixing is important, especially with smaller bookies. There have been scandals which have been huge in the news, such as the NBA fixing scandal for example.

Do not bet on your favourite teams

This probably seems like a very obvious one really, doesn’t it? However, when you let emotions, attachments and feelings get involved with your want of being a professional in sports betting, that is where an issue may actually develop. It can ultimately be a conflict to your rational sense of judgement, and in the long term can be the difference between avoiding a stupid loss and actually making a very obvious huge win. 

Unbiased betting is the most sensible way, for a future in betting-we cannot stress how important it is! Still continue supporting your favourite teams, root for them, but do not let that bias make you cause silly mistakes for yourself and the longevity of your bankroll. Be on a tight budget and make no adjustments to that.

View betting as a business

If you want the success that all sports bettors look for, you will need to change your vision from casual hobby to a more professional and business mind-set. By using every loss as a reason to see past the mistake and learn from it, that is where you are taking your passion for betting much more seriously. Every betting decision you make, will be for the sake of making profit for yourself, so if that means betting against your favourite team as you believe the facts do not summarise a win-do it. You are trying to make some money for yourself at the end of the day are you not?

Serious sports bettors will have analysing traits, where everything from spending to bankroll maintenance is recorded, with given reasons. You can always add more to your bankroll but knowing where and when you spent, with reflections of why you lost, is very important.


We know how hard it is to make profits that are worthy of the satisfaction of any bettor. With consistent wins, that is where the fulfilment comes. A great bettor is one that knows how to assess every angle of risk that comes with the job and no when to say yes, no, based on some serious rational judgement. Sure, it will take time to pick up the best traits for success, so that is why we advise you to start low in terms of bankroll, but to really keep to the guidance that we have listed for you. 

Do not forget that everyone needs to start from somewhere, no matter what cash flow and betting background you have. With time, you will most definitely reach a place that is much greater than the amateur bettor you used to be, and that is the real success story through all of this. So, keep persevering and do not give up!


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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