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SNP urges Boris Johnson to allow Indyref2

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
13th Dec 19 10:57 am

Westminster’s SNP leader, Ian Blackford has warned the UK has been left in a “constitutional crisis” and is calling on the prime minister to permit a second vote on Scottish independence.

Should Boris Johnson not allow Holyrood to hold a ballot by giving the SNP a Section 30 order the party could take legal action, although he refused to say this.

Blackford said Johnson “simply can’t continue to say no” to the Section 30 order as he claims this would be an “afront to democracy.”

Blackford told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme, “In light of the fact that the Scottish Government already has a mandate, in light of the stunning result we have had in the election this week, it is right that the government in London recognises the right thing to do is to transfer that power.

“We need to make sure we have that referendum. Of course there have to be negotiations with the UK and the European Union, but the very reason we recognise there is a sense of urgency about this is because there is a threat to jobs and prosperity if we are outside the European Union.”

The Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP said if people in the UK want to leave the EU that “should be their choice.”

He added, “There’s a voice that the people of Scotland have given in supporting the SNP that we want to stay in Europe, that we wish to retain our European membership and the way we can do that is through a referendum on Scottish independence.

“We’re now demanding the order to have that referendum is passed from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament and we can have that debate amongst the people of Scotland whether we should be staying in Europe or not, that should be our choice and we shouldn’t be driven out of the European Union by Boris Johnson against our wishes.”

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