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Six things to do before selling your computer? Read this!

by John Saunders
12th Dec 20 12:08 pm

Are you selling your older computer? But wait, did you follow the essential checklist before selling it to someone? If you said no, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at 6 things to do before selling your computer.

But before getting forward with the central section, let us have a look at why we need to follow this checklist before selling our PC.

Benefits of following the checklist

By following the checklist, you would be able to make sure that you are selling the pc utterly free of your data, and nothing is being left in it. Some other benefits are as follows:

  • You would be able to make sure if the pc is not having any personal information. Because any other person can use your personal data if not checked properly.
  • Users can figure out if the pc is working properly and no fault is there in it.
  • You can even know about the exact value of your pc by following the checklist. Moreover, some users integrate additional elements in their pc that enhance the value.

Six things to do before selling your computer

 Selling your pc can be a risky task if you don’t have a look at these 6 things, which are as follows:

1. Clean your computer

Whenever you are selling your pc, there must be some price the buying person would be paying. So to enhance the value of your pc and make it look even better, try to get your computer appropriately cleaned.

With the help of this small step, you would be able to make your computer shine, and you can even know if there is some wiring related fault in your pc or not.

2. Reinstall the operating system

There must be several things customized in your PC’s operating system and if you want to give the buyer a fresh feel while using your pc, make sure to reinstall the operating system of your pc. Although if you don’t have any available source for reinstalling your operating system, then you can get in downloaded from the internet.

3. Transfer your personal files

You would have a lot of personal files in your pc, so before selling your pc, make sure to carry forward a file transfer to new computer. There are several ways with which you can carry forward the process of file transfer to a new computer, make sure that you are picking up the easiest, fastest and most reliable one.

Users can even take advantage of personalized settings transfer by transferring your personal files from your pc you are going to sell.

4. Reformat your hard drive

Whenever we get a new pc, the hard drive usually has two different locations such as local disk c and local disk d. The local disk c is especially for all the operating system files, and local disk d is for the rest of the files, but we sometimes change those formats for creating more number of hard drive locations.

Before selling our pc to someone, you can reformat your hard drive efficiently from the defragmentation feature available in the hard drive storage feature. This will help you make changes in the hard drive storage; you can either create one single hard drive section or more than one for easy management.

5. Deactivate your softwares

You must have used paid membership-based applications on your pc if you want to keep them using and keep all the data safe then make sure to deactivate all the memberships of such softwares.

Various such softwares offer transfer options too, with the help of which you can directly transfer all your data from one pc to another without losing your membership.

6. Final checkup

Have a look at the whole pc system for the last time, in which you can check if everything is working fine. In case if you can notice any issues with the pc then get it repaired as soon as possible.

This was all about the 6 things to do before selling your computer. You can even offer them the complete purchase slips with the help of which the buyer can confirm if you bought the pc.

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