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Second wave hits Catalonia in Spain with over 160,000 in lockdown

by LLB staff reporter
15th Jul 20 1:55 pm

Spain is being hit with a second wave of the coronavirus and the Spanish region Catalonia have locked down more than 160,000 residents.

On Wednesday morning Catalonia had a further 938 people test positive for the virus, which comes weeks after the lockdown was lifted.

Since 4 July Britons are allowed to travel freely to Spain via an air bridge meaning, there are no mandatory quarantine measures in place across England for Brits returning home.

Almost two weeks agao, the Western Catalan city of Lleida and Segrià county, which is around 100 miles west of Barcelona, went into lockdown affecting 200,000 residents.

Since Spain lifted the country wide lockdown on 21 June there has been more than 170 confirmed coronavirus clusters emerge causing localised lockdowns.

The wealthy region of Catalonia is home to around 7.5m residents is seeing a huge spike in cases.

A spokesman for Catalonia’s regional president Quim Torra’s regional government said, “The maximum priority of the Catalan government is people’s health and life and there cannot be any judicial interference that complicates the collective fight against the pandemic.”

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