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Scotland imposes international arrivals into ‘managed’ quarantine

by LLB political Reporter
9th Feb 21 3:14 pm

The Scottish Transport Secretary has announced on Tuesday that the country are to impose stricter restrictions on travel measures.

Michael Matheson said the stronger measures are “vital” to combat the growing threat of new mutant variants entering the country.

He said that border measures will play an “important role in suppressing” cases of the infection.

Matheson said, “We need a comprehensive approach to restricting international travel.”

But he said the UK government continued to rely on a “targeted, reactive approach,” and insisted that this this was “no longer sufficient” in the face of the threat.

This comes as the British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock announce in the House of Commons today that Brits will be forced to pay £1,750 each before leaving the the UK for quarantine upon return.

Hancock announced on Tuesday that all Brits returning back to the UK from red-list countries must pay £1,750 each to quarantine in a government approved hotel.

From 15 February UK and Irish residents who enter England and have been in red-list countries over the past 10 days must quarantine for for 10 days from the time of arrival.

Those who travel will have to pay for their “quarantine package” online before they depart, and the booking system will go live on Thursday.

Hancock said, “We are setting up a new system for UK and Irish residents who have been in red list countries for the last 10 days.

“In short, this means that any returning residents from these countries will have to quarantine in an assigned hotel room for 10 days from the time of arrival.

“Before they travel they will have to book through an online platform and pay for a quarantine package costing £1,750 for an individual travelling alone which includes the hotel, transport and testing.

Hancock also announced that there will be harsh new penalties for travellers entering the UK who deliberately fail to quarantine in approved hotels, could be fined up to £10,000.

Also, any traveller who hides a visit to a red-list country “will face a prison sentence of up to 10-years.”

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