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Scotland could reintroduce travel restrictions for holidaymakers

28th Jul 20 1:46 pm

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon could reintroduce travel restrictions on holidaymakers following a second coronavirus wave hitting Europe.

Sturgeon warned that she will not hesitate to reintroduce quarantine measures and travel restrictions on countries that have a surge in coronavirus cases.

Scots have been urged to remain in Scotland to help boost the economy and the tourist industry.

Sturgeon said, “We are currently seeing a worrying resurgence in COVID cases, not just in faraway parts of the world but also in several countries across Europe right now.

“For example, Spain and Belgium have seen increaes of COVID and we’re seeing outbreaks in Germany and France.

“I think there are two important lessons for us from that. The most immediate one is as the prevalence of COVID in Scotland continues to fall, we must guard against the risk of cases coming into the country from outside.

“If necessary the Scottish Government will reimpose quarantine restrictions and travel restrictions from certain countries as we did at the weekend for Spain if those countries see a sharp increase in cases.

“People planning overseas holidays need to be aware of that.

“You cannot assume that the rules and regulations applying to your destination when you book a holiday will stay the same while you’re there or be the same when you come to travel home.

“As I’ve said before, my advice to you remains to be very cautious about non-essential foreign travel at this time.

“If you are in a position to take a holiday or want to do so the safest way of doing so is to stay here in Scotland.

“You avoid the risks of foreign travel but also as an added bonus help the Scottish tourist industry.”

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