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Sainsbury’s and Argos workers set to receive a £100m investment in a pay rise for ‘the brilliant job they do every day’

by LLB Finance Reporter
7th Jan 22 3:13 pm

Sainsbury’s and Argos workers are set to receive a pay rise from 6 March as the company is to make a £100m investment into their staff.

In recognition of the “extraordinary work” they do for customers every day store employees will receive a basic hourly pay rise by 5.3% from £9.50 to £10 and hour.

Workers in inner London will see their hourly rate increase from £10.10 to £11.05, and staff in outer London will get £10.50 rise from the current £9.75, drivers will also receive a rise.

Argos Fast Track Delivery drivers will now get £11 an hour whilst Sainsbury’s Groceries Online drivers will be paid £11.50 an hour.

Over the past five years Sainsbury’s hourly pay has increased by 25% for around 150,000 workers.

Chief executive Simon Roberts said, “To kick off the new year, I am pleased that one of the first things we are doing is investing in our colleagues and lifting our basic hourly rate of pay to £10.

“We are making this significant investment to show our colleagues how much we value the brilliant job they do for our customers every day.

“It also reflects the significant progress we are making against our plan and to save money we can invest in lower prices, offer fantastic colleague service and make shopping convenient for customers.

“We have also listened to our colleagues and are enhancing our colleague discount scheme to help them plan their grocery spend and manage their shopping budgets better, which could save colleagues hundreds of pounds a year.”

Dave Gill, national officer of shopworkers’ union Usdaw, said, “This increase is one of the leading rates of the major supermarkets. It is a big step forward and shows that the company are prepared to invest in the staff to help grow the business.

“It’s been a tough time for food retail staff who have worked throughout the pandemic in difficult circumstances.

“They provide the essential service of keeping the nation fed and deserve our support, respect and appreciation. Most of all they deserve decent pay and this offer is a welcome boost.”

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