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Russian soldiers rape pregnant Ukrainian woman at gunpoint and look for ‘grandmothers’

by LLB staff reporter
14th Apr 22 12:01 pm

Russian soldiers raped a 16-year old pregnant woman at gunpoint with her family in the next room and were searching for “grandmothers.” Ukrainians who have survived are telling of horrific crimes against humanity by Russian troops.

A pregnant girl named Dasha, 16, told of how she was raped by a Russian soldier who told her to take off her clothes or he would shoot her, after Soldiers had occupied her village, Krasniva, on 13 March.

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She said that she left her basement to get food, she told Bild, “At first they were completely normal. Then they started drinking.

“They found vodka among people in the village and drank.

“Then they started looking for young women. Some also grandmothers.”

Dasha was quoted by the MailOnline that she was hiding in the basement with her mother, sister and three brothers, the soldiers inspected the family and asked for their ages.

Dasha described what happened next, she said, “He talked to me and then told me to undress. I told him I’m not going to undress. Then he threatened to shoot me.”

The pregnant girl said, “I undressed.”

A Russian soldier his drunk colleague not to touch the pregnant girl.

Dasha said, “He was sober.”

The soldier didn’t care and raped her for around half an hour. Dasha and her family then tried to leave the village, but the soldiers refused to allow them to leave as they “know too much.”

Executive Director for UN Women Sima Bahous previously warned that they are “increasingly hearing of rape and sexual violence” in Ukraine.

She added, “These allegations must be independently investigated to ensure justice and accountability.”

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