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Russian soldier arrested for war crimes and Moscow is accused of setting up torture chambers and burning people alive

by LLB political Reporter
10th Apr 22 1:34 pm

A Russian soldier has been arrested after posting a horrific video of a baby being raped which is the latest abomination to shock the world.

The Russian soldier has been named as Alexei Bychkov and was named in Russian media as the one who raped the baby.

Few details over the rape have been confirmed however there is a video circulating on Telegram and other social media sites which shows the clear evidence a war crime has been committed by a Russian soldier in Ukraine.

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Ukraine media reported that the Russian soldier sent images and videos to his comrades, after this he was arrested and nothing more is known at this stage.

Russia has also been accused of setting up a torture chamber and Russian troops burned a child and his parents alive, the chared remains of the boy and his family were found by Ukrainian troops.

Ukrainian officials said the innocent family were mutilated and tortured before being set on fire alive in a basement of a house in Husarivka, a village near Kharkiv, which had been under Russian control.

Ukrainian police said, “While documenting the crimes of the Russian military, investigators found three mutilated and tortured bodies in the basement of a household. The identities of the dead are being established.

“According to the investigation, the examination of the bodies revealed traces of prolonged abuse and torture.

“People were burned alive.

“One child was tortured.” The spokesman said a number of villagers are missing, the police added, “Their fate is unknown.”

Last week at the United Nations the Ukraine President, Volodymr Zelensky showed them a short video of burned, bloodied and mutilated bodies, including children.

These horrific scenes were found by the authorities in Irpin, Dymerka, Mariupol and Bucha, where Russian troops killed hundreds of civilians.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia then told the United Nations’ Security Council that Russian troops are not targeting civilians, he dismissed accusations of abuse and lies against Moscow.

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