Home Business News Russian forces ‘forcibly’ takes ‘about 6,000 Mariupol residents’ to Russia with evidence they are taking away identity papers

Russian forces ‘forcibly’ takes ‘about 6,000 Mariupol residents’ to Russia with evidence they are taking away identity papers

24th Mar 22 12:57 pm

Thousands of resident’s in Mariupol residents are being forced to evacuate to Russia as Russian troops will not allow them to travel to other areas within Ukraine.

Mariupol City Council warned on Thursday that around 15,000 residents of the besieged city are being illegally taken to Russia, and around 6,000 civilians have already arrived in Russia.

Mariupol City Council wrote on their Telegram channel, “Right now, the Russian occupiers are forcibly taking thousands of residents of Mariupol to Russia! Residents of the Left Bank region are being massively exported to the territory of Russia.

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“In total, about 15,000 are subject to deportation. This is about half of all residents who are still in the Left Bank region.”

Russian forces are also ordering already exhausted residents to board buses and the council said there is also evidence that the Russian military are also taking away people’s passports and other Ukrainian identity documents.

“Deported people are first taken to the so-called filtration camps, from where they are redistributed to various remote cities of Russia.

“About 6,000 Mariupol residents have already been forcibly taken to the territory of the occupier,” the council said.

Mariupol City Council informed said that over the past 20 days, Russian troops have been blocking the evacuation convoy and they not allow Mariupol residents to be safely rescued.

“Right now, the buses leaving Zaporizhia for Berdiansk are blocked. Obviously, this is done only to prevent people from returning to Ukraine-held territory, where residents want to go,” the council added.

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