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Rishi Sunak is considering to quit as ‘it’s not worth the stress’ and removal vans are seen moving items out of No 11

10th Apr 22 12:06 pm

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak could quit politics to spare his family as there has been much scrutiny over their financial affairs as “it’s not worth the stress,” according to his friends.

The rumour mill has also reported that the Prime Minister could be forced to sack the Chancellor in the next reshuffle.

On Wednesday it was revealed that Suank’s wife, Akshata Murty is “non-domiciled” in the UK for tax purposes on the day that the UK was hit with taxes rising.

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A friend of Sunak, quoted by the Daily Mail, said, “He feels very bad for the way that Akshata has been impacted because of his career.

“In the end they decided to do the U-turn, but it was a close-run thing, and if this carries on he might still decide that is it not worth the stress.”

On Sunday removal vans were seen in Downing Street and the Chancellor’s belongings were being taken out of No.11 flat.

A poll by Opinium Research, his approval rating dropped by three points since late March to 28%, while his disapproval rating rose by eight points to 43%.

The Chancellor is also facing a major backlash as he kept his US Green card when he returned back to the UK.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have hit out at Sunak as the rules set out by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, say that green card holders must not be “employed by a foreign Government” and “vote in foreign elections.”

Layla Moran, the Lib Dems’ foreign affairs spokeswoman, has written to US officials, asking them to investigate why Sunak is still holding his Green card “despite holding elected office in the UK and serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer since February 2020.”

She added, “This would appear to be in contravention of US State Department rules.”

Sunak’s political opponents have accused him of “tax dodging” and called for him to be sacked, Labour MP Diane Abbott said that Sunak and his wife thought they could “get away with dodging UK tax.”

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