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Quarantine free travel to UK from Europe or US won’t open before end of July

by LLB political Reporter
10th Jun 21 3:50 pm

Travel expert, Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy The PC Agency has said that quarantine free travel to the UK from the US and Europe will not open up before the end of July.

Charles was critical of the government placing Portugal on to the travel amber list who was among many leading figures in the sector who were outraged.

Charles said that the reopening of travel had been “sacrificed by ministers watching their backs.”

The decision by the government not to place Portugal and other countries such as Malta, Morocco and Grenada on the green list was “highly political” which was “not based on data at all.”

The travel expert said it was his “clear understanding” that MPs “do not intend to open up travel to mainland Europe or the USA before the end of July.”

Charles added,“Ministers have fallen into line to protect their future careers and potentially benefit from an upcoming Cabinet reshuffle. And that means sacrificing the early opening of the overseas travel sector.

“Now thousands of jobs are at risk, as are some airlines and travel firms, because June and July will be lost in travel terms.”

Charles said that the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock and the Home Secretary Priti Patel “overruled” the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps who was in “favour of reopening up travel sooner”

He added, “Buoyed by opinion polling, they have now all united to focus on reopening the UK by mid-July, once the vaccine rollout has reached 18-year-olds and above, and eradicating the Delta variant which originated in India.

“Once the UK has opened up almost completely, then overseas travel will be back on the agenda for the end of July.”

On the 24 June the Department of Transport will make any changes to travel, which is reviewed every three weeks.

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