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Putin is running out of ‘elite forces’ which will ‘weaken Russia’s ability to sustain complex operations’

by LLB staff reporter
30th Aug 23 3:06 pm

Vladimir Putin is running out of “elite airborne forces” which will weaken Russia’s ability to “sustain” future complex operations in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive has gathered momentous pace with more than 40,000 square kilometres now recaptured and the successfully operation in Robotyne over the weekend saw many Russian troops killed which h is degrading Putin’s elite forces.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said the elite soldiers Moscow depend on to undertake large scale and complex missions, has now been severely weakened.

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The ISW said, “The degradation of these forces will likely weaken Russia’s ability to sustain complex defensive operations and almost certainly disrupt any Russian intent to resume offensive operations at scale.”

The ISW report said that Putin relies on the “elite infantry, Russia now lacks” for operations inside Ukraine.

The analysts also reported that Moscow also lacks the ability to carry out large missile attack as Russian forces did last year and at the beginning of 2023 during their offensive.

The ISW report said, “Russian forces conducted strikes with up to 100 missiles in a single strike series during the air campaign in the fall and winter of 2022, and the marginal replenishment of their missile stocks will likely prevent them from conducting an air campaign at anywhere near that scale.

Thousands of Russian troops are also deserting and are refusing to fight on the front which is causing further problems for the Kremlin.

Thousands are being sent to the Gulag for at least two years and soldiers who are on the front are withdrawing and are fleeing or are “refusing to obey orders.”

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