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Putin could be facing an ‘internal palace coup’ as ‘economic sanctions’ will ‘lead to his downfall’

by LLB political Reporter
10th May 22 3:30 pm

The “meaningful economic sanctions” placed on Russia by the West has crippled the Russian economy which has angered many oligarchs, politicians and Kremlin officials which could “lead to the downfall of Vladimir Putin.”

Political adviser Andrew Fisher said that he sees no “short term” end to the war in Ukraine and it is important to “ratchet” up the sanctions which could see Putin overthrown in an “internal palace coup.”

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Fisher told LBC, “I think one of the positive signs was right at the beginning where the European Union, the US, the UK, and others put big and meaningful economic sanctions on Russia.

“They’re intensifying, and obviously European countries who are more reliant on Russian oil and gas have got to find replacements for that.

“So there’s got to be a timeline on this but hopefully they can still ratchet this up further.

“That will put pressure on [Putin]. And hopefully, for the Russian people themselves, it will lead to the downfall of Vladimir Putin.

“That would be my favoured way of how it ends, that he is deposed in some sort of internal palace coup.

“You know he’s a dictator. He’s got complete control of the Russian state.

“Unless there is some sort of uprising like that, where a group within his coterie think this is damaging their economy too much and decide to get rid of him, I can’t see how it ends actually in the short term.

“But as I say, I think this idea of putting these sanctions on and ratcheting them up further is a very good idea.”

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