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Planning for a road trip? Make sure you keep these essentials

by John Saunders
24th Mar 20 10:59 am

There is nothing quite like a day full of adventures, with your favorite tunes blaring through the stereo. Road trips are possibly the coolest way of getting around anywhere in the world. There is something about a road trip that is so classic and shouts freedom. There is just an unending road in front of you and you have total control over your time.

But your road trip can get totally messed up if you are not prepared well. There are some must-bring items without which your trip can become a disaster. In case you are about to embrace the road, make sure you get hold of these essentials before you start the engine.

1. A spare tyre

Can you imagine being stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tyre? I am sure you can guess how disastrous it would be without a spare one. Wherever you go on a trip, keeping a spare tyre is a must along with the other essential tools required to change a tyre.

Also, make sure you know how to change a flat tyre. In case you don’t, better learn it before going on the trip. You can also save a tyre changing tutorial video to be on the safe side.

2. License, registration, and insurance

DON’T leave your house without these. Of course, it is illegal to drive without a license. In case you are asked to present it and you can’t, you can get in serious trouble. Also, keep a copy of your car’s pollution under control certificate. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them, but as said prevention is always better than cure.

3. Fluids

Carry plenty of water with you. These long road trips can often get exhausting. Water or other drinks will make you feel better by keeping you hydrated. Water is also helpful in case your car overheats. You might need to put in some extra transmission fluid and wiper washer fluid.

4. Empty fuel can

It might happen that you run out of fuel. You can get stuck in the middle of the road without any help! This is quite a common case in road trips. For this one fluid you cannot carry with you, carry an empty fuel can while you are travelling. The least you can do is run-up to the nearest fuel station and get a refill of petrol or diesel.

5. Garbage can

Sure, you will be munching a lot of junkies during the trip but that doesn’t mean you can litter the roads. Even if you don’t throw the plastics on the road, don’t just pile it up anywhere in the car. Instead, get a garbage can. Keeping a small portable car garbage can in your car while travelling is always a good practice.

Also, many countries can charge you with fines, if you litter their roads. So better to keep all the garbage inside in a proper dustbin.

6. Hand sanitizer

You might not find a place to wash your hands everywhere. These road trips can get really dusty and eating with dirty hands is extremely unhealthy. Better keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your handbag. Buy hand sanitizers online and make sure you enjoy a germ-free vacation on the roads.

7.Car freshener and deodorants

Do you remember the last time you went on a road trip, the car started smelling like feet? You don’t want that to happen again, right? Better be prepared with a car freshener.

After taking care of the car, pack a deodorant for yourself too. A road trip is about companions. I am sure you won’t like to trouble your friends with your smelly clothes. And of course, personal hygiene is also an issue.

8. Toilet paper and tissues

Imagine stopping by a roadside gas station to use its washroom which is out of toilet paper! Or even worse imagine going behind trees! Better to keep a few rolls in stock.

Also, keep a stock of tissues. They are super handy in case of runny noses and sweaty brows. And throw them in that garbage can, not out of the window.

9. Road trip playlist

Your trip might become dull and boring without the right music. A rocking playlist is a must-have for a long journey. Turn up the volume and sing along!

Now that you know what to pack for a road trip, you are ready. It’s time to get your companions, let your hair go wild in the breeze and enjoy to the fullest. Bon voyage!

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