Philips announces plans to close UK factory putting hundreds of jobs at risk


Dutch healthcare company, Philips has announced plans to close their baby bottle factory in Glemsford, Suffolk in 2020, placing 430 jobs on the line.

The closure of the plant is due to the company consolidating their sites from 50 to 30 globally which started in 2017, a no deal Brexit is not the primary factor.

However, the chief executive Frans van Houten did give a warning that they may have to rethink its manufacturing operations last year.

Philips said in a statement, Philips needs to pro-actively mitigate the potential impact of various ongoing geopolitical challenges, including uncertainties and possible obstructions that may affect its manufacturing operations.

“Philips has therefore been reconfiguring its supplier base and supply chains in North America, Europe and Asia as appropriate.

“The flexibility associated with its regional, multi-modality manufacturing sites is key to these mitigation actions.”

James Cartlidge MP for South Suffolk said this is a “massive blow to Suffolk.”

“It’s something that makes me proud to be able to say these products are made in south Suffolk and exported all around the world and now they will be made in Holland and exported all around the world. It’s gutting, quite frankly.”