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Over 1,500 children sent home from school over infestation of false widow spiders

by LLB Reporter
29th Sep 21 1:59 pm

Duston School in Northampton has been forced to close their doors today sending over 1,500 pupil  home following a suspected infestation of false widow spiders.

The school teaches primary ans secondary pupils and the headteacher Sam Strickland said the school has been closed as a result.

Duston’s headteacher said, “We are regrettably having to close both phases of the school to all pupils and staff tomorrow (Wednesday) to allow the situation to be assessed and for the school to be cleaned.

“A decision regarding the re-opening of the school will be made following an update tomorrow and this will be communicated to you accordingly.

“I cannot apologise enough for the inconvenience that this may cause you, especially in terms of organising child care arrangements.

“Work will be set for all of our pupils to complete at home via Microsoft Teams.

“I will update you as soon as I have any further news.”

Stephen Dalton / Avalon

False widow spiders do have a venomous bite, which is not particularly potent and usual a person will suffer pain from the bite which can last up to 24 hours.

The bite is often no worse than a wasp sting, but the worst symptoms of a bite include mild to debilitating pain and mild to intense swelling.

Some victims have experienced tremors, reduced or elevated blood pressure, nausea and impaired mobility, which is rare. In rare instances, minor wounds and even severe bacterial infections have developed.

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