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Outrage erupts after demands to pull down ‘filthy’ Winston Churchill statue

11th Jun 20 2:58 pm

Black Lives Matter protestors are demanding that “filthy” Sir Winston Churchill’s statue is toppled which has sparked anger and outrage.

At a BLM rally in Toronto, Canada a speaker tore pieces into the British Empires legacy and have demanded that protestors topple Sir Winston Churchill’s statue in Canada.

The speaker said in a furious speech through a megaphone that the statue is “vile, vile, vile monument.”

He said, “The British Empire was nothing but rape, genocide, white supremacy, and the promotion of slavery.

“When people say that the British Empire was a good thing, what they really mean is that the British Empire was good for the colonisers, the enslavers, and the imperialists.”

He added, “It was not at all a good thing for the majority of the planet and the people who do not happen to have white skin.

“Let us start a campaign to take down racist monuments like that filthy one right around the corner.

“As a matter of fact, when we’re done here, let’s walk and scream and yell at that horrible statue, that horrible monument.”

In London the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) have called on all their members to “defend” London statues and war memorials to protect “our heritage.”

Black Lives Matter have published a list of 60 “racist statues” that they want to be removed, but DFLA leaders are urging their 35,000 plus supporters to “defend what our war heroes done for this country and their honour.”

A statement posted on the Official DFLA Facebook page says, “We have had hundreds of messages in the last few days of people wanting to join us in protecting our heritage.”

Adding, “The DFLA are asking all our members to meet in Whitehall on Saturday 13 June at midday to protect our war memorials.

“This is not a march nor is it a counter-protest against Black Lives Matter.

“We will be making sure the war memorials don’t get desecrated.

“Enough is enough. It’s time to defend what our war heroes done for this country and their honour.

“This is not a counter protest against Black Lives Matter this a protection mission.”

Tommy Robinson has called for counter protests as he accused the police of being “soft handed” at the protests last weekend.

Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said, “We have got the perfect storm ahead of us this weekend, we have got planned protests and now Tommy Robinson and his agitators.”

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