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Onlive, shoppable videos to improve e-commerce

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1st Nov 22 2:00 pm

Photographs to promote products are a thing of the past. Everything points to creating video content to reach the most significant number of people in the shortest time. Thanks to shoppable videos, brands can now connect directly with their customers and generate more engagement with users on the sites where they advertise their products.

Have you seen a product in a video that you liked but need to know where to buy it or how much it costs? A shoppable video is, precisely, a video

that contains links to the products or services shown so that customers can easily navigate endless pages to buy your products.

Any platform where you decide to publish your shoppable video will have its own formats for users to buy your products, although usually, it will be a pop-up page to add their products of interest to the cart and check out quickly.

Remember that customers usually get tired of clicking after the third pop-up page on their screen. Don’t lose potential customers, increase sales and improve your brand positioning with Onlive.

We are a Tech startup that enables Livestream shopping on all online platforms, looking to help companies grow their potential in online sales.

Benefits of shoppable videos

Videos account for 82% of all internet traffic, and users increasingly look for instantaneousness in their virtual experience. Shoppable videos not only represent an advantage in this sense but also have a long list of user benefits. These videos guarantee efficiency in the online shopping experience, especially for small businesses that want to give their customers a different experience.

Shoppable videos simplify the customer experience by making the process as easy as watching, clicking and buying your products. All this is convenient for the customer and saves companies from costly marketing campaigns to convert customers. In addition, shoppable videos are a great idea to generate a higher ROI, increasing customer engagement with the brand in unthinkable numbers.

On the other hand, as we said before, customers nowadays abandon online purchases that require more than two clicks and endless pop-up windows. By including links in your videos and allowing customers to buy in two steps, conversions increase exponentially, which will be reflected in the level of sales.

By including your shoppable videos on the most famous content creation platforms-Tik Tok, Instagram, or YouTube, the sites’ metrics allow you to keep an exhaustive analysis of the data of your customers and people interacting with your content. This data will enable you to refine your campaigns and target your shoppable videos to users who are genuinely engaged with your brand.

Finally, thanks to the ability to watch the videos and buy directly, users will continue to choose your brand in the long term, leading to a loyal audience for your brand.

Onlive, the future of E-commerce

Shoppable videos are the future of E-commerce. In Onlive, you will find not only ideas for your content but also ways to shape your content the way you want, to get to your stakeholders in a different, engaging, and revolutionary way.

Take the chance to take your business to the next level. Start your free trial today.

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