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Meet the entrepreneur helping businesses increase brand awareness

by LLB Reporter
23rd Apr 20 4:14 pm


  • Company: Make More Noise
  • What it does, in a sentence: Make More Noises is a results-driven PR and Communications agency.
  • Founded: October 2015, West Midlands
  • Founder/s: Hannah Haffield
  • Size of team: 9
  • Your name and role: Hannah Haffield, Managing Director


What problem are you trying to solve?

Make More Noise helps businesses increase brand awareness and engage key target audiences through innovative, proactive and results-driven PR strategies. As an agency, we have carved a real niche in helping challenger brands and disruptive entrepreneurs dominate their industry sector through effective PR activity.

We are incredibly passionate about maximising the power of PR to make a difference, to tell a valuable story and to help either a business or individual establish industry authority.

How do you make money?

Make More Noise works on a retainer basis, delivering consistent and measurable PR activity to our clients on a monthly basis.

Who’s on your team that makes you think you can do this? 

My whole team. At Make More Noise we boast a strong company culture, where all team members believe in the vision of the agency to provide results-driven PR strategies for our growing client base. They understand exactly what we want to achieve as a business and the importance of their role and continued support in helping us grow and develop.

What do you believe the key to growing this business is? 

As a service-based business, we physically cannot grow without having the right employees in place. If the Make More Noise team continue to deliver an excellent service to our clients, the greater our client retention rate and the more solid our foundation for growth.

What metrics do you look at every day?

  • PR results, i.e. press coverage achieved
  • Cash at the bank
  • Sales funnel

What’s been the most unexpectedly valuable lesson you’ve learnt so far? 

Accountability. When you accept that everything that goes wrong within your business is down to you and your leadership, you not only become a better Leader, but you become far more solution focused.

What’s been your biggest mistake so far? 

Hiring the wrong people. When you first start out in business, you tend to hire lower paid people as that’s all you can afford, but this is a costly mistake for many reasons. The main one being employees with less experience simply aren’t able to deliver work to the right standard, costing you valuable time in re-doing it.

What do you think is on the horizon for your industry in the year ahead?

Like many industry sectors right now, the PR industry is facing the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m in no doubt agencies nationwide would have lost revenue over the last few weeks, with PR often being one of the first suppliers to be reviewed when businesses are forced to cut costs.

As an industry, we need to showcase and demonstrate the vital role PR and Comms can play in helping businesses and brands effectively communicate the right messages to their internal and external stakeholders, as we move through this pandemic and come out the other side, be that in 6 weeks or 6 months.

Which London start-up/s are you watching, and why?

The Convivia Group, as they are about to transform how people live and engage with one another through a genius approach to property development. Watch this space.

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