Home Business News More than 302,000 Russians killed in 18 months and over 900 ‘liquidated’ in 24 hours

More than 302,000 Russians killed in 18 months and over 900 ‘liquidated’ in 24 hours

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Nov 23 1:30 pm

The Ukrainian Defence Forces has said that in one day they “liquidated” 930 Russian soldiers and a vast array of military equipment.

The General Staff report says that Russia’s “total combat losses from February 24, 2022 to 2 November, 2023 is approximately around 302,420” which is up by 930 over the past 24 hours.

The report continued, that they had destroyed, “5,241 tanks, (up by 18), armored combat vehicles – 9,877 (up by 43), artillery systems – 7,292 (up by 42), MLRS – 850 (up by four).

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“Air defense systems – 566 (up by three), aircraft – 322 (up by one), helicopters – 324, operational-tactical level UAVs – 5,488 (up by 20), cruise missiles – 1,549 (up by two), ships/boats – 20, submarines – one, vehicles and tank trucks – 9,658 (up by 34), and special equipment – 1,032 (up by 13).”

President of Ukraine Volodymy Zelensky reported that Russia’s attempt to advance in the Vuhledar direction has ended with heavy losses.

He wrote on Telegram, “I held a daily conference call. Received information about the situation at the front.

“There was an attempt by the enemy to advance in the Vuhledar direction, but our soldiers stopped it, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy: dozens of pieces of equipment, many killed and wounded.

“Defense operations in Avdiyivka and our offensive operations in the south also continue.”

President Zelensky added, “there were reports from the Ministry of Defense on the arrival of shells, missiles and equipment and intelligence reports on the situation at the front, in the international arena and the state of the enemy.

“We also summarized the results of the grain corridor for October. The dynamics are positive.

“We are finalizing the insurance format for ships, which will give us and the carriers confidence.”

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