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Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ‘is a strategic defeat for Russia’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Nov 23 8:28 am

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that Russia has suffered a strategic defeat by invading Ukraine.

Stoltenberg said that once the war is over we “must ensure that history” does not repeat itself, even though it seems it does.

He said, “The invasion of Ukraine is a strategic defeat for Russia. The stronger Ukraine is on the battlefield, the stronger they will be at the negotiating table.

“And when the war does end, we must ensure that history does not repeat itself. That Russia does not continue to take pieces of Ukraine (territories).”

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Stoltenberg said that all NATO countries have agreed that Ukraine should become a member of the Alliance which is something that the Kremlin and the Putin regime does not want.

He said, “At the summit in Vilnius, we took three important decisions to make it happen. First, we removed one of two steps in the membership process.

“We removed the requirement for the MAP, Membership Action Plan, and thus made the path much shorter. Second, we created an entirely new political platform. We established the NATO-Ukraine Council.

“Where we meet as equals for consultations and can make decisions. And third, we adopted a comprehensive package that ensures that Ukraine and NATO forces can fully interact.”

At the same time, Stoltenberg is sure that nvesting in Ukraine’s security is also “an investment in our security.” “If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will be a tragedy for the Ukrainians. But it is also dangerous for us. It will make us more vulnerable. The message to Putin and other authoritarian leaders will be that if they use military force, they will get what they want,” the Secretary General explained.

Stoltenberg said that he believes the war in Gaza “must not lead to a weakening of our will and ability to support Ukraine.”

He added, “A new winter is approaching, and we must expect new attacks against energy supplies and other critical infrastructure.

“There are no signs that Russia is planning for peace. On the contrary, they are planning for more war. Therefore, we must continue to support Ukraine. That means more weapons. And I say that because I want peace in Ukraine.”

The Secretary General said that Putin “can stop the war today by ceasing to attack a neighbour.”

“Ukraine does not have that option. If Ukraine stops defending itself, they will be occupied. And occupation is not peace.”

Stoltenberg noted that the Ukrainians are fighting with courage, he said, “But courage doesn’t stop bombs. Determination does not intercept missiles.

“That’s what weapons of high quality and in large quantities do. Tanks, air defences, fighter planes and ammunition. Our support makes a difference.”

He added that Putin had believed that Ukraine would have fallen within days, “It didn’t happen. Instead, the Ukrainians have liberated their land. Reclaiming half of the land that Russian forces took when they invaded last year.

“Ukraine has survived as a nation. Retained its freedom and independence. And they can still choose their own path.

“This is a big win. Russia has lost. It has lost tens of thousands of soldiers. It has lost large amounts of military material. And it has lost political influence and is increasingly isolated.”

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