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Mobile card reader to pay safely in these unprecedented times

by Rajhu Goraai
17th Nov 20 2:44 pm

For small and medium-sized businesses the COVID-19 pandemic has drastic effects. Shops need to close, restaurants need to switch to deliveries and pubs are closed. When the economy will slowly open up, businesses understand how important it is to offer a safe environment. This also holds true for payments that need to be made. Having a mobile card reader can help businesses to offer a safe environment while allowing for payments to continue.

 How does a mobile card reader work?

A mobile card reader can be connected to any smartphone to conduct payments. The cashier can type the amount into the smartphone, while the customer can contactless pay on the reader. This is an improvement compared to traditional payment terminals, where more interaction was needed. Another upside? The costs are significantly lower compared to traditional payment devices.

Retrieving payments, anywhere

For restaurants that need to switch to deliveries, the use of a car reader that is mobile helps them to retrieve payments everywhere. Simply take the reader with you and customers can pay at their doorstep. Want to make sure that you retrieve the payments before preparing the food? This makes sense. This is exactly what platforms like Uber Eats offer restaurants as a service. However, this also comes with a hefty commission fee from the platform. It would be better if you could retrieve the payment yourself with ease.

Remote payments

SumUp remote payments enable you to collect these payments before preparing the food or delivering a service. There are multiple ways to do so, with the use of a payment link as the most convenient option. You can enter an amount including a description on your smartphone and send it to any customer. When the customer clicks on the URL, he/she can go to the website and select their preferred method of payment. After completion, you will receive a notification and can start to prepare the food.
In addition to the option to use a payment link, there are several options when it comes to remote payments.

One of those options is online invoicing. SumUp makes it possible to create professional invoices within a minute and then send them via email to receive your payment.

Other options are Gift cards and through an online store.
If you are thinking about starting an online store, you should learn more about SumUp’s options regarding remote payments. With the Starter plan, you are able to add your products, social media links and shipping details within a few minutes. This makes ecommerce look easy.

Low transaction fees

These remote payments come at low fees, especially compared to fees from credit card companies and the like. Hereby you can become more resilient and can also support smaller transaction amounts. Smaller transactions were undesirable as transaction fees had a fixed component, which was often quite high. With the remote payments and card reader coming in, this is something of the past.

Payments for any type of business

In this article we explored two payments options that can help small and medium-sized businesses become more agile with their payments. The contactless approaches help you to keep your staff and customers safe, while retrieving your payments at a low transaction fee. This is a desirable method that is future-proof and comes with low start-up fees. Get your contactless payment journey started and go for a mobile-friendly way of transacting.

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