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Millions of Brits will work remotely from another country this year

by LLB Reporter
19th Jan 23 9:32 am

More than one in five Brits (21%) are planning to work remotely from another country this year, which is up from 11% last year, according to new research by Finder UK.

The top countries for remote workers in 2022 was the US (13%), France (12%), and Germany (11%).

According to the research, 37% of British adults, the equivalent of nearly 20 million people, worked remotely in 2022.

Some 32% worked remotely within the UK while 11% of Brits worked abroad. Of the total population around 5% said they worked remotely both domestically and abroad.

This means an estimated 5.5 million Brits worked from another country in 2022 and the mean time Brits worked remotely abroad was a substantial five and a half weeks.

More than a quarter of Gen Zers worked abroad (28%), with nearly one in five (18%) Gen Y adults saying the same. Just 8% of Gen Xers worked abroad and 1% of Baby Boomers.

The most popular countries for Brits to work from include the US (13%), France (12%), Germany (11%), Pakistan (10%) and Spain (9%).

More than one in five Brits (21%) plan to work abroad in 2023, up significantly from last year. However, in the mean time they’re expecting to work abroad is much lower, at just under two weeks.

According to Finder UK, Gen Zers are the most likely to work remotely from another country this year (39%), followed by Gen Y (35%) and Gen X (21%), with just 4% of Baby Boomers saying the same.

Tips from Finder’s lead editor Elizabeth Barry on working abroad, she said, “An estimated 11 million Brits plan to work remotely from another country this year. Once you have the approval from your employer or have looked into new digital work you can do abroad, the next step is checking working requirements for the country or countries you’ll be working from.

“This may mean tourist visas for shorter stays or working visas for longer stays. Some countries even have special digital nomad visas you can consider applying for.

“Longer stays may also have tax implications, so make sure to check these before you get caught out paying tax twice.

“You should also look for the best way to manage your expenses while you’re abroad. For shorter trips, a travel card might cut it, but it can be more cost effective to bulk send your foreign currency.

“To do this you can consider an international money transfer platform.

“Most international money transfer providers charge either a flat or percentage fee and also give you multiple payment options for your transfer.

“This can be great if you need cash or need to send to a foreign bank account. Many will also give you a quote before you hit send so you know how much it will cost you. To find the best deal for your spending abroad, remember to always compare your options.

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