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Meet Tie Ta – the company that can handle all of your complaints!

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21st Jun 21 9:07 am

Listening to complaints can be one of the most stressful parts of any business. But as your company continues to grow, the number of complaints becomes inevitable and it can start to deflect from doing your main business activity.

Whilst the complaints department and customer service teams are often overlapping, there is now an answer to your needs and a company who can help with all your complaints handling called TieTa.

TieTa was established earlier this year and consists of a team of highly skilled customer service agents based in their premises in Oxfordshire.

The company acts as a fully white-labelled solution for your business and their systems are integrated with yours. As soon as the complaint comes in, it goes straight to a friendly advisor at TieTa who acts on your behalf and has been fully briefed to handle complaints, keep a report and feedback to the company.

In addition to complaints handling, the business can assist with general customer services including live chat, text messages, emails, telesales and across multiple industries such as finance, health and retail.

Whilst still a very young company, the customer service startup has seen huge traction in some industries, particularly covid-testing. TieTa is working with a handful of clients to organise their covid testing customer services, including the scheduling of appointments, text message alerts and messaging of test results.

“For the last 8 years, we have operated as the customer service team for one of the UK’s largest lenders.” explains TieTa founder, Caroline Walton.

“Working in a highly regulated environment and dealing through thousands of enquiries daily, we gained some excellent hands-on experience and we are delighted to launch TieTa and be able to offer our customer service and complaints handling solution to businesses of all sizes.”

“The onboarding process is fast and effective, with a training session with your brand and our advisors to perfectly understand your business, get the right tone and script so that we can answer any query that comes our way.”

“We understand that customer service and staying on top of never-ending enquiries can be draining for businesses and it can sometimes feel like you are on a treadmill that you cannot get off.”

“TieTa offers a very affordable and innovative solution – and we are here to help you get off the treadmill today.”

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