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Lyft investigates customer’s data abuse claims

26th Jan 18 11:21 am

Staffers ‘accessed info of Mark Zuckerberg, other passengers’

Ride-sharing company Lyft is investigating whether its employees abused access to its customers’ data after an anonymous claim surfaced alleging that some Lyft staffers had tracked rides taken by their romantic partners and also pulled information about Hollywood actresses and other celebrities such as Facebook CEO.

Allegations of Lyft abusing customer’s data surfaced when a person, who identified themselves as having worked at the firm, anonymously spilled the beans on an app called Blind, which is a network for employees to anonymously speak up about their workplace. The Blind user claimed to have personally “seen people look their exes up,” and “check to see if their significant other actually went where they said, and stalk attractive people they’ve met.”

What’s more, the person claimed to have “heard at least one employee brag about having Zuck’s phone number from using our data.”

Lyft has stated that it is investigating and had not received any specific complaints.

A spokesperson from the ride-sharing firm told TechCrunch: “Maintaining the trust of passengers and drivers is fundamental to Lyft. The specific allegations in this post would be a violation of Lyft’s policies and a cause for termination, and have not been raised with our Legal or Executive teams. We are conducting an investigation into the matter.”

“Access to data is restricted to certain teams that need it to do their jobs. For those teams, each query is logged and attributed to a specific individual. We require employees to be trained in our data privacy practices and responsible use policy, which categorically prohibit accessing and using customer data for reasons other than those required by their specific role at the company. Employees are required to sign confidentiality and responsible use agreements that bar them from accessing, using, or disclosing customer data outside the confines of their job responsibilities.”

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