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Londoners feel luckiest in the UK

by LLB Reporter
12th Dec 18 4:09 pm

SlotsWise surveyed 1,200 people to find out if they believed in good luck, superstitions and whether this actually made them luckier.

The survey found that London has the highest belief in good luck in the UK, with 57% of people in London believing in good luck… and they also have one the highest number of millionaire lottery winners in the UK – coincidence or is the belief in good luck all you need?

To add to this point, the North East is home to one of the lowest amount of believers in good luck in the UK, with only 50% of the region believing in good luck, and they also have the second lowest number of millionaire lottery winners in the UK.

The survey also revealed:

  • 53% of the UK believe in good luck, whereas only 33% consider themselves superstitious.
  • The top 3 most popular superstitions for good luck in the UK are ‘touching wood’ with 30% of the UK believing in this for good luck, ‘fingers crossed’ which 26% of the UK believe in, whilst 14% of the UK believe in picking up a penny for good luck.
  • Whilst more people may believe in knocking on wood – the most effective good luck superstition is actually crossing your fingers. Of the 25% of people who cross their fingers for good luck, 20% of people have actually experienced good luck after doing so.
  • Yorkshire has the lowest belief in good luck in the UK, with only 44% of people in this region believing in the concept.
  • We lose our belief in good luck at middle age – but it comes back at 65+ years.
  • 80% of women believe in Karma, compared to only 65% of males.

For some festive fortune – almost ¼ of Brits believe that kissing someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is best way to secure luck in the New Year. If this isn’t on the cards for your, just be sure to not loan out any money, as 10% of respondents believe that this is the next best thing when it comes to giving yourself the best chance of a lucky new year.

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