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Expert reveals how to achieve the top gardening trend of Spring 2024

by LLB Reporter
29th Feb 24 7:02 am

It has been settled – one of the biggest predicted garden trends of 2024 is the ‘wild garden’.

We’re talking spaces filled with meadow grass, wildflowers, and an abundance of fabulous foliage, inspiring pollinators to congregate and wildlife to thrive.

In fact, enquiries to the Royal Horticultural Society surrounding wild gardening increased by over 28% in 2023i, and are set to continue surging in 2024. 

But, if you aren’t fond of gardening itself, and don’t have that green-fingered touch, how can your outdoor space be inspired by the trend? 

Harbour Lifestyle, the luxury outdoor retailer, reveals its top tier expert-led tips on how to achieve a bright, floral, colourful garden space, without having to spend hours with the gardening gloves on.  


The foundation of a ‘wild garden’ look without the hassle of gardening lies in the choice of colour. To infuse a sense of nature (without actually having to keep anything alive), opt to use organic tones in your outdoor furniture.

Olive, for example, is an earthy hue which not only perfectly complements the wild theme, but also provides a neutral backdrop for vibrant colours that can introduced through other elements. Charcoal greys, creamy latte tones, and navy also work effortlessly to blend into nature, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.  

Organic textures and textiles 

Nature isn’t just about flowers and butterflies – incorporating raw elements into your outdoor space through materials like wood, stone, and concrete also helps to tie in the ‘wild’ vibe. Consider wood-based furnishings over plastic or metal – and mix and match your pieces for an organic take on the typical matching garden furniture set. 

Texture is also a great way to weave (pardon the pun) nature into your furnishings. Natural rope textures, wooden structures, and rattan are all ideal to keep things earthy, but stylish. 

Not-so-green fingers 

Achieving the ‘wild garden’ look doesn’t actually require a green thumb. If you are lusting over the au-natural style, choose low-maintenance plants like Wisteria and Clematis to introduce an air of nature without the demanding upkeep. These climbing plants thrive with minimal attention, effortlessly composing a tapestry of blossoms and greenery across your outdoor structures. 

Adding a wooden structure such as a pergola to your garden provides a natural stage for climbing plants to flourish, while also offering shade, privacy, and whimsical character. This addition not only minimises the need for extensive gardening, but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of a thriving natural space. 

Soft furnishings  

The easiest way to inject vibrant hues and floral patterns into your alfresco space without actually planting anything is through the use of soft furnishings. Incorporate scatter cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs adorned with bold colour and botanical patterns to mimic the diversity of a wild garden. 

These soft accents not only add pops of vibrancy, but also enhance the comfort and warmth of your social spaces. The true beauty lies in their versatility – you can easily switch out these elements to adapt to changing seasons or trends, without spending a huge amount. 

So, if you are looking to jump on the wild garden trend, put away those gardening gloves! Cultivating a ‘wild’ alfresco look in 2024 is entirely achievable – even for those without green fingers. Through mindful choices in furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories, you can revel in the beauty of nature without the demanding upkeep typically associated with gardening. Well, what are you waiting for? 

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