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London Mayor Sadiq Khan warns of a “muddled Brexit”

13th Jan 17 2:33 pm

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned of a “muddled Brexit” which he believes will not just damage London but the whole country.

Khan has said its “deeply concerning” that the government has no clear plan.

During a speech at the Mansion House where business and political leaders gathered he said the UK must fight for access to the EUs single market.

He wants recruitment of skilled workers to be at the very heart of the governments negotiation position.

Khan said: “It’s deeply concerning that we still appear to have ‘muddled thinking’ at the heart of government so soon before the negotiations are set to start.”

“For months now, I’ve been arguing against a hard Brexit.”

“But the only thing that would be as damaging as a hard Brexit is a muddled Brexit.”

“And – unfortunately – it looks like that is where we are heading unless there’s a change in tack and direction from our government.”

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