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London comes out best in world commuter survey

by LLB Editor
2nd Oct 11 9:56 pm

Next time you find yourself bemoaning traffic in the capital, think again, because you don’t suffer the worst commute in the world. In a survey by IBM to measure commuter pain, London has been rated as one of the least painful commutes in cities around the world.

IBM surveyed 8,042 commuters in 20 cities on six continents.

The index is comprised of 10 issues including commuting time, time stuck in traffic and agreement that price of gas is already too high, traffic has gotten worse, start-stop traffic is a problem and driving causes stress.

London scored a 23 on the index, compared to Mexico City and Beijng that scored 108 and 95 respectively which made them the worst city vis-e-vis commute.

But the IBM survey found that London saw a 33 per cent increase in respondents who said that roadway traffic has increased their stress levels compares to 19 per cent respondents in 2010.

Overall, 41 per cent of those surveyed believe improved public transit would help reduce traffic congestion.

Even though globally only 35 per cent of people changed the way that they get to work or school in the last year, 45 per cent of those who have are opting for public transit.

In September, our ComRes and LondonlovesBusiness.com survey found that  57 per cent of London business leaders want reduced roadworks disruption to the next mayor’s number one transport priority.

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