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Lockdown fears grow as Covid is ‘spreading at a phenomenal rate’ which is ‘something we’ve never seen before’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
13th Dec 21 11:19 am

Lockdown fears are growing as the Health Secretary Sajid Javid has warned on Monday that Covid is “spreading at a phenomenal rate.”

Speaking to Sky News Javid said the rate that Covid is spreading is “something we’ve never seen before.”

Javid is strongly urging people to work from home if they can, wear face masks and further warned that Omicron cases could exceed one million cases by the end of December.

Infections are doubling every two to three days and confirmed there is 10 people in hospital with Omicron.

Asked how many people are in hospital with the new variant, Javid said, “There’s about 10 people that are confirmed, in England, with Omicron.

“At this point in time I can’t confirm a death.”

“There is always a lag between infection and then hospitalisation and then, sadly, death.”

Javid is encouraging people to get their booster, he said, “Two doses are not enough but three doses provide excellent protection against symptomatic infection.”

Javid has been urged to adopt more “stringent” measures as a leaked document clearly warns that the government will need to implement more measures before Christmas.

The document reads, “The key point is that under a range of plausible scenarios, stringent action is needed on or before December 18, 2021 if doubling times stay at 2.5 days.

“Even if doubling times rise to around 5 days, stringent action is likely still needed in December.”

Experts are “alarmed” over the new modelling from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) news which broke over the weekend.

The LSHTM used experimental data to look at how Omicron may transmit as the country heads into 2022 with “alarming” projections that Omicron, could potentially cause between 25,000 to 75,000 deaths in England, with 175,000 in hospital.

Experts have also warned, that if no additional measures are taken beyond the current Plan B, then over the next five months then the UK could witness theses grim projections.

Dr Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow in Global Health, University of Southampton, warned that the numbers projected by the LSHTM modelling group are “alarming.”

Dr Head said, “They illustrate clearly that we will be in for another difficult winter.

“It did not have to be this way.  There have been national and global failures in how to manage the pandemic.

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