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Kremlin chief threatens to nuke Finland within ‘20 seconds, or even 10 seconds’ which can ‘even reach the UK’

by LLB political Reporter
15th May 22 1:49 pm

The Deputy Chairman of the Kremlin’s Defence Committee has threatened to nuke Finland with weapons that can destroy the country within “20 seconds, or even 10 seconds.”

Aleksey Zhuravlyov who is a senior ally to Vladimir Putin also threatened that they can wipe out the UK with nuclear weapons in less than four minutes.

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Putin has been delivered a huge blow as Finland announced their intention to join NATO which brings an end to their military neutrality.

Zhuravlyov said, “If Finland wants to join this bloc, then our goal is absolutely legitimate – to question the existence of this state.

“This is logical.

“If the United States threatens our state, it’s good: here is the Sarmat for you, and there will be nuclear ashes from you if you think that Russia should not exist.

“And Finland says that it is at one with the USA. Well, get in line.

“The Finns in general should be grateful to Russia for their statehood, for the fact that Finland exists as a country.”

The defence chief was then asked if Russia will now base nuclear weapons onto the border with Finland, he said, “What for? We don’t need to.

“We can hit with a Sarmat from Siberia, and even reach the UK.

“And if we strike from Kaliningrad… the hypersonic’s reaching time is 200 seconds – so go ahead, guys.

“On the Finnish border we will have not strategic weapons, but Kinzhal-class, one that will reach Finland in 20 seconds, or even 10 seconds.”

He then said that Russia will strengthen their military forces on the Western flank and believes that Finland are being provoked into joining the Alliance by the UK.

Zhuravlyov added, “The United States will do everything possible to make World War III happen.

“Just not on their territory.”

He warned that Russia could strike first with nukes if they believe the existence of Russia is being threatened.

He then claimed that Sweden and Finland are “joining an alliance that wants to destroy Russia. Therefore, we want to destroy them in response.”

“We are definitely not afraid of these peanuts,” he added.

“They are as nasty as stink bugs. But they will need to be crushed when necessary. Now the bug is small and smelly.”

Gideon Rose, the former editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, said, “Since 1945, every leader of a nuclear power … has rejected the use of nuclear weapons in battle for excellent reasons.

“Putin will be no exception, acting not from a soft heart but a hard head.

“He [Putin] knows that extraordinary retaliation and universal opprobrium would follow, with no remotely comparable strategic upsides to justify them.”

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