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Putin warned British troops are ‘prepared for war’ and will fight ‘for our freedom’ when ‘NATO, or the UK’ gives the order

13th May 22 12:09 pm

Thousands of British troops are “prepared for war” against Vladimir Putin and they will fight “for our freedom” just as they did during World War II if “NATO, or the UK” gives the order.

Some 2,000 elite soldiers from the 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team have been deployed to North Macedonia where they will provide reassurance to European countries who are “reliant on NATO for survival.”

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Brigadier Nick Cowley, who commands 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team is leading the NATO exercises in North Macedonia that British soldiers could soon be fighting for “values to do with their nation and freedom.”

Brigadier Cowley told the Daily Express of how his troops could be ordered to fight against Russia, he said, “I think about that all the time.

“But also I try and remind our young soldiers of the decision they’ve made to serve in the army.

“My messages to them are thank you for what you are doing because there a lot of young people who haven’t made the conscious choice to sacrifice themselves for values to do with their nation, freedom, their national interest.

“And to remind our young soldiers that we have a huge responsibility to make sure we are ready because we may need to go and fight for our freedom.

“It’s very present and I think it’s something we need to keep reminding ourselves about.

“This is definitely a really serious business. I think its something we have taken for granted outside of the defence community for a while.

“We have assumed the international order would remain or even that liberal democracy would spread. I think that’s being threatened and that’s really focusing our minds.”

He was asked if British troops are ready should Britain enter conflict, Brigadier Cowley said, “Absolutely. 16 Air Assault Brigade is all about readiness.

“The most important bit of readiness is the mindset.

“Our soldiers are physically very fit, mentally strong, their bergens are packed, they are fully jabbed up, their weapons are zeroed and that is 24/7.

“What we saw on the evacuation of Kabul is that even the troops that weren’t on orders were ready at very short notice and all arrived anyway and said we are packed and good to go.

“The second wave was all people who had beaten their readiness timelines and had everything green across the board. For me readiness is an obsession and everyone is focused on it.

“This, as Nato readiness, would be my number one message.”

Brigadier Cowley was asked what the Kremlin will think about the military exercise, “We’ve got eight different nations here.

“I hope that that would show any adversary that we really can come together in a really complex environment, set up something that is credible and then go off and do operations.”

Warrant Officer John Willis, Regimental Sergeant Major of 2 Para sent a warning shot to Moscow saying that the Regiment has “never failed at any challenge we’ve been given.”

The Warrant Officer said, “If Nato, or the UK, decide to get involved, we are ready for that.

“Looking at the history of this regiment, the ethos – we’ve never failed at any challenge we’ve been given.

“We have always stepped up to the plate when it matters.

“There is a lot more training as things like drones are being introduced.

“It is not just about being able to fire a weapon. There’s a lot more technology. We need to keep up to date with that.

“We need to be on the cutting edge of what is going on in the battlefield.

“It sends a strong message.

“The UK is one of the lead nations, if not the lead nation for Europe, and we are a huge player and it just shows the support we have both in Nato and globally.”

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