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John Bercow spent £1,000 of taxpayers money on a taxi ride

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
14th Jan 20 1:02 pm

John Bercow the former speaker at the House of Commons spent a staggering £1,000 on a taxi journey from Westminster to Nottingham to give a speech in April 2019.

The 130 mile journey could have cost as little as £67 for his expenses bill had he travelled by train from Westminster.

However, aides have said Bercow was encouraged not to take public transport to the Trent University in Nottingham due to “heightened security reasons.”

A Commons spokeswoman told the Mail Online, “Due to heightened security concerns for the safety of MPs, Mr Bercow was advised it was safer for him to travel to the University of Nottingham by taxi, rather than by train.”

Taxpayers are further left to pick up Bercow’s bills, these include £118 per month for Sky’s subscription for him and his family, a £7,000 jaunt around the US at the end of his tenure, along with a £12,000 bill for leaving parties.

In February Bercow spent £2,376 on a retirement party for the Commons invitations secretary, in March of 2019 a further £3,187 was spent for a farewell party for the former Clerk of the House, David Natzler.

A Commons spokeswoman told the Mail Online, “The Speaker’s Office has funded retirement receptions for senior staff many times in the past.”

In December, after he had stepped down, has was paid £60,000 to appear on Sky News during the general election to provide coverage and insight during the election.

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