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Italy ‘cannot rule out’ a second ‘unavoidable’ lockdown

by LLB political Reporter
15th Aug 20 1:49 pm

The Italian government have warned that a second lockdown will be “unavoidable” as infections in the country are rising.

Agostino Miozzo, the coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee of experts advising the government on the coronavirus emergency said in a statement, lockdown will be implemented, “if the situation gets out of hand, if control of the territory and the infected gets out of hand.”

Miozzo said it is “highly unlikely” the country will see a second lockdown, but with areas that have high spikes in cases, this cannot be ruled out.

He said that there is “always a dance party or a barbecue…to celebrate.”

Miozzo added, “The virus exists, and it is present throughout the country.

“We are still in a manageable situation.

“But it is a precarious situation.

“The transition down can be very fast, this is the real risk.”

The Italian Ministry of Health recorded 500 infection in 24-hours and 523 on Thursday, with 481 the day before.

The Ministry of Health said in a report in the week to 9 August, that infection contracted in the second half of 2020 shows an “important warning signs for a possible increase in transmission.”

The report added, “It is essential to strengthen contact tracing activities so as to identify all potential transmission outbreaks early and continue to control the epidemic.”

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