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Is SEO worth the investment beyond 2021?

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20th Jul 21 11:18 am

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the best-known terms in the digital marketing space. Experts have been looking for the right way to leverage the search engine algorithms for years – since Google first started listing websites for customers to visit. However, just because this concept has been around for a while, doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant.

Even in today’s transformative landscape, most companies will struggle to get the attention they need without the right SEO strategy. That’s because even if your customers are now using smartphones and intelligent assistants more than desktops to search for your site – they’re still looking for you with the help of search engines. Here’s why we believe SEO will continue to be worth it beyond 2021.

SEO is the ultimate solution for organic traffic

Search engine optimization can have a bad reputation, because it takes a lot of time and effort to master the algorithms. Google is constantly changing the goal posts when it comes to measuring how you should be ranked online. This means that the SEO cost you can expect to pay each year is variable depending on the amount of changes and expert help you need to access.

If you’re worried about the budget you have for SEO, you can find guides online to help you calculate the average cost of a strong SEO campaign. However, it’s worth remembering that a little investment in the right strategies can also lead to a huge pay off. For instance, SEO is the number one tool for organic traffic. This means that the investments you make now can continue to deliver customers to your website for decades after you’ve paid for a SEO-optimized article. Aside from giving you a good way to reach new clients both now, and in the long-term, SEO can also benefit companies through:

  • An improved reputation: The higher you rank on the search engines, the more likely it is that customers will trust you.
  • Stronger collaboration opportunities: If you master your SEO strategy, you can convince other companies to work with your brand on future campaigns.
  • Thought leadership: Creating content that ranks highly with the search engines is a brilliant way to showcase the thought leadership and expertise of your company.

SEO will always be crucial

Over the years, various marketing strategies have seen rises and falls in popularity. We’ve seen the development of countless social media channels and other environments as potential advertising platforms, but search engines continue to be the best place to find your potential customers. Ranking for the right terms will ensure you connect with your customers when they’re most likely to convert, and SEO continues to deliver returns long after you’re finished spending on your strategies. For as long as your customers use search engines to answer questions, find products, and track down potential solutions to problems, SEO should be an essential part of your brand awareness and growth strategy. Don’t underestimate the power of SEO, and your organization should go far.

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