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India declares new epidemic as black fungus in Delta variant out of control

by LLB staff reporter
17th Jun 21 12:56 pm

India has been forced to declare a new epidemic as the deadly black fungus infection which is linked to the Delta variant has claimed many lives with thousands infected.

Black fungus which is found in the Indian variant has claimed thousands of lives has a fatal mortality rate of 50%, with most patients having recovered from Covid.

The rise in black fungus infections is mainly amongst people who are diabetic, and there is a possible link between the Delta variant and patients who are on steroids.

India’s killer Covid “black fungus” disease is also spreading throughout the world as cases have emerged in South American countries.

Black fungus is officially called Mucormycosis which causes breathing difficulties and blackening of the skin around the nose, whilst some patients are known to cough up blood and suffer chest pains.

It is believed by experts who are inevestigating the deadly disease say there is a link with those who have diabetes and spikes in sugar levels caused by taking steroids.

Channel 4 News spoke with a Dr in India who previously warned that using steroids to treat Covid could be the cause of the new epidemic across the country.

Speaking to the Channel 4 news, Dr Sumit Mrig gave a grim warning, “Most of the patients which we were seeing were covid recoveries.

“Almost 85 to 90% of them were diabetics.

“Patients who are diabetics have been at the most receiving end and let me tell you 13.6% of the Indian population who are pre-diabetics have become diabetics in this second wave.

“Because of unscrupulous use of steroids.”

Dr Mrig believes there is a toxic combination at play in the country, and Channel 4 reporter Mandakini Gahlot said, “The key common factors are the Delta strain and diabetes.”

Gahlot added, “Which has been made worse by the overuse of steroids as a treatment for Covid.”

There have been many reports of doctors being forced to remove the eyes and jaws of patients to save their lives from the black fungus.

Internal Medicine Specialist, Rommel Tickoo told DW News, “Mucormycosis has a high mortality rate especially for patients who don’t get diagnosed early enough.

“It has more than 50% mortality.

“Most of the time it involves surgery which can be disfiguring especially with the commons variety that we see rhinocerebral mucor.

“Where we have to remove the dead tissue from the face.”

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