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India’s deadly black fungus is spreading globally with fears of a new pandemic

by LLB staff reporter
4th Jun 21 10:24 am

India’s killer Covid “black fungus” disease is spreading throughout the world as cases have emerged in South American countries.

Black fungus officially called mucormycosis has a mortality rate of 50% if it is not treated early, and there have been reports of doctors being forced to remove the eyes and jaws of patients to save their lives.

Health officials in Chile and Uruguay have reported cases of black fungus which rots peoples organs, and have warned that the frequency of cases is now more widespread.

A statement released this week by the Chilean Society of Infectology said, “Cases of fungal infections have been detected since the start of the pandemic but the frequency has increased and serious cases have risen.”

Black fungus attacks the eyes, nose and brain with the main symptoms being discoloration over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties and coughing up of blood.

Last month Dr Arvinder Singh Soin who is a leading Indian doctor in Delhi wrote on Twitter, “We have seen more cases of black fungus in the past week than we normally treat in two years.”

The rise in the black fungus is thought to be connected to seriously sick Covid patients who are taking steroids.

Steroids reduce immunity in the body and increases blood sugar levels, and Indian Dr’s believe that the fall in immunity could be triggering cases of the black fungus.

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