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If war breaks out UK ‘Desert Rats’ are ‘good to go’

by LLB Reporter
30th Jan 24 3:49 pm

A British Army Warrant Office has said that the “Desert Rats” from the 7th Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team are “good to go” if a NATO country is attacked.

The Desert Rats have taking command of NATOs “Very High Readiness Task Force” (VJTF) can travel anywhere in the world within two days in response to war breaking out, according to GB News.

There will be 501 soldiers with 100 vehicles from the 2nd Battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment who are known as “The Poachers” have been ordered to get ready to move for one of the largest war games for many years.

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This comes as Steadfast Defender 2024 are holding their largest military exercise since the Cold War which involves more than 90,000 troops from 31 countries.

Warrant Officer Class 2, Jack Chapman told GB News, “I’m really proud of all our soldiers. Today’s exercise brought a lot of separate strands together.

“It was great to crash out the entire Battalion, for everyone to be able to look to their left and right and know that we are good to go when the call comes.”

Major Frank Atkins, Battalion Second in Command of the 2nd Royal Anglians, told the broadcaster, “Today’s alert exercise simulated being called out as NATO’s Spearhead Battlegroup to deploy anywhere we are needed.

“The Battalion has been preparing for this role for a long time, and to call all out all our vehicles, people and equipment rapidly like this shows us that we are ready.”

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood told the broadcaster that the “world will be at war rather than World War Three.”

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