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How to clean up your Mac from the system and temporary files

15th May 18 3:19 pm

Cleaning of MacBook is not just to free up disk space, but also for speeding it up. Therefore, it is better to approach the question thoroughly and take care also of the standard state of the system. Before you clean the MacBook from not much-needed files, you need to figure out which programs and data prevent the quick operation of the device. After doing some things that do not take much time, the MacBook should work much better.

To clean your computer from the obstructive system and temporary files, you have two options – to do it selectively by manual operation or to solve the problem comprehensively, using an automatic cleaning. Let’s expound first which steps we can perform manually.

Old files sanitation

First, you need to remove all old files. Usually, they take up a lot of space on the hard drive, and their need is even not worth to discuss. With high certainty, it can be said that these data will not be needed. First, you will need to browse the “Downloads” folder and the desktop. Without any doubt, there will be old materials: programs, films or music. They have to be erased not only in the Mac but also from the basket since they will still occupy the place. If you still want to save large files that are occasionally viewed, you can do it with an external drive or cloud service. Most of these files are in “other” folder. If you want to know what is other on Mac – keep reading.

Internet files removing

Mas collects a lot of data in his browser, and not all of them help to improve the system. In Internet Explorer, “garbage” is deleted through the Tools menu. You need to click on “Preferences” and then select unnecessary data. In Firefox, temporary files are deleted through the “Preferences”. Go to “Advanced”, then open in order “Network” – “Offline Web Content” – “Clear” and delete the data. In the Chrome browser, the eliminating of the garbage can be done through the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete. In a new tab with a simple menu, select the data for deleting click on the “Clear browsing data” option. In the Safari browser, the old data is deleted via the “Edit” menu with the transition to “Empty Cache”, then you will have to confirm the deletion. 

Unnecessary applications deleting

Users constantly install different programs. And they do not always stay on the computer for a long time. When you uninstall programs, various files and folders are often remaining left. And in most cases, they are not needed. And do not say that “it’s all essential,” because we know that this is not so and if you want, you can easily find a couple of useless programs that have not been launched for several months.

The second option is the installing of a professional cleaning program, which offers a comprehensive approach to cleaning up the system. Let’s consider the functionality of one of the most famous of such programs for Mac – CleanMyMac.

Cleaning the system and application files – delete all unused data garbage and caches in one move. Regular optimization of the system will allow the computer to be used at full capacity.

Uninstallation of programs – remove unused programs from your Macbook. CleanMyMac has a convenient and informative program management panel. You can find out the amount of memory that the program takes, its version, the date of installation and the last use.

Setting up of start-ups – disable and uninstall unused programs and services from start-up. Track and control the applications in your autorun list.

Deleting of browser data – if you do not want the sites to track your behaviour on the Internet, regularly clear the history, cache, and cookies of the browser. CleanMyMac quickly and securely ensures your privacy on the network.

Irrevocable deleting of files – you can remove data from your Mac’s hard drive. Even after deleting files from the Basket, they can be restored for a while, which sometimes would be desirable to avoid. CleanMyMac will remove any remaining rest from the files and ensure that they cannot be recovered.

The main advantages of the second option are that cleaning program will significantly save your time and guarantee the safety of your data.

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