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How to choose classic men’s shoes

by John Saunders
21st Jan 21 5:15 pm

Choosing the perfect men’s footwear is by no means easy. There are, of course, gentlemen for whom shopping takes very little time and does not require much thought. However, such a scenario is a rarity and in most cases the choice of your ideal shoes takes much longer. What should you pay attention to when choosing classic men’s shoes?

In order to choose footwear that will serve for years to come, several factors must be taken into account. First of all, pay attention to the material, shape and color of the footwear. When choosing a particular footwear, you should consider whether the shoes will match your daily outfit.

Classic men’s shoes – what should you pay attention to?

When choosing classic men’s shoes, men usually opt for leather shoes and this is usually the right choice. Leather is a very pleasant material, does not cause chafes and is air-permeable. In this type of shoes, the sole is usually made of thunit or microlite, which are extremely durable materials. Classic men’s shoes are usually available on the market in black or brown color – it is an absolute classic that has been going on for many years and there is no indication that something in this aspect is about to change. A wide range of classic shoes is available at https://marcnolan.com/.

Currently, the most popular classic men’s shoes are Derby and Oxford shoes (also called Blucher-type and Balmoral-type, respectively), which are available on the market in versions with openwork elements. Oxford shoes are characterized by the fact that the shoe is made in a very minimalistic way, which strongly emphasizes its elegant shape. Derby shoes, on the other hand, are a bit more casual. This type of shoe is slender and matches jeans perfectly.

When buying elegant shoes, you should also remember about taking proper care of them. They should not be placed on a radiator or fireplace for drying, as this can have disastrous consequences such as damaged leather. Wet shoes are best left to dry at home, stuffed with newspapers. Remember to take care of your shoes only with the help of proven and dedicated cleaning products. If the shoes are made of suede or nubuck, protect them with a repellent spray, which effectively prevents any dirt and bacteria.

Classic men’s shoes and comfort

Many people believe that elegant shoes are deprived of any comfort and convenience. This is a misconception. Each, even the most formal footwear can be comfortable if we choose the right model to fit the shape of the foot. Classic shoes are extremely fashionable regardless of the passing of time, so it is worth having at least one pair of such a model in your closet. However, it is worth making a thoughtful choice so that the purchased shoes can serve us for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to proven brands that use the best quality materials to produce shoes.

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