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How the pandemic has affected UK professionals

by LLB Editor
6th May 21 9:35 am

The pandemic has shaken up the working world, and the new report from Movemeon/Payspective examines its impact on strategy professionals.

The study which was compiled from 35,000 data points, provides a unique look at the pay and conditions of managementconsultants, strategic and commercial professionals.

Despite all the headlines about a bumper year for government contracts, a third (29%) of those working in management consultancies are looking for a new role, specifically due to COVID-19.

Further, while PE/VC has also had a stellar year a quarter (24%) are on a job hunt.

Looking closer at where people want to move, about half of those in consulting actively looking for a job want to join a corporate. For those who’ve made the switch, 20% want to go back to a consultancy.

Additionally, the freelance lifestyle appears an attractive prospect to almost a quarter (23%) of those in consultancy looking for a new role.

A lower opinion

The study also explored professionals’ attitudes towards their employers, with a third (32%) of analysts (a junior role) now harbouring a worse opinion of their employers than before the pandemic. However, only 15% of directors/VPs now think more negatively of their employer.

With over half of UK strategy professionals reporting the pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, nearly everyone surveyed reported they worked longer hours despite being at home, with the biggest increase in start-ups/PE/VCs.

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