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Generals warn the British Army will suffer ‘massive casualties’ in a war with Russia and ‘would be stuffed’

7th Apr 24 1:44 pm

The government has been warned that the British Army will suffer “massive casualties” in a war against Russia because they “are not ready to fight.”

General Sir Richard Barrons and former Defence Secretary’s have issued a chilling warning over the preparedness of the British Army and slammed the government for have their heads in the sand believing that “everything will go away.”

James Heappey and Ben Wallace have issued a stern warning to the government that World War Three is rapidly intensifying and we are not ready.

Speaking to the Telegraph Heappey said that with what is happening in Europe is a “stark reminder that war is a whole nation endeavour and…in the UK we’re a very long way behind.”

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He said that there was an exercise to work out how the UK could be organised during wartime from a bunker, this was only attended by officials in Whitehall, however the aim of this was supposed to have been for all government officials.

The former Defence Secretary said, “It’s a shame that the whole of Whitehall didn’t get involved, not only because it was a useful exercise in continuity of government and would have exposed how out of date many of our procedures now are.”

Wallace said that “the whole of society needs to make a step change towards recognising that our core duty is to think about our defence and resilience.”

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told the Sun, “The UK really needs to catch up. Our conventional deterrence is not up to the mark and we’ve allowed our ability to fight global wars to drift.

“As a tank commander in the First Gulf War, we put an armoured division into the field but we couldn’t even put a third of that into the field today.

“What we’re seeing in Ukraine is that mass is really important. I think ourselves and the other NATO countries in Europe like Germany and France have really got to get our acts together.

Earlier this week General Barrons told the Sun, “If we put today’s British army in front of an enemy like Russia, they would not be ready and would take massive casualties.

“The military – the Armed Forces, Navy and Air Force – know that they are not ready to fight against a mobilised and aggressive Russia as part of NATO.”

Also speaking to the Sun, a second former General, who served in Afghanistan who wished to remain anonymous, warned, “If Britain wants to be a serious player in NATO and if we want to be taken seriously by the US, which is our principle military ally, then we need to invest properly in defence.

We need to be closer to 4% of GDP on defence than 2% but I fully accept that means making cuts elsewhere.

He added, “The army is now too small to go up against an adversary like Russia.

“We’re not spending enough money on ammunition, we’ve got Royal Artillery units without guns and tank sheds that are no longer filled with tanks.

“It’s a whole world of problems. If we had to go to war in the next couple of years against Russia, we would be stuffed.

The current Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has been putting pressure on the Prime Minister to boost defence spending to 2.5% of the UK’s GDP.

Shapps told the House of Commons Defence Committee, “The Government is committed to 2.5%. It is my view that we are living in a more dangerous world.

“I am in complete agreement that you have to pay for that defence. Exact timing, as we’ve said all along, is a matter for the Chancellor and the Government has described it ‘as conditions allow’.

“I am Secretary of State for Defence so obviously I urge for us to move to that position as quickly as possible. There will be other opportunities, including an election coming – other parties are only committed to 2%, the NATO base.”

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