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Kremlin are ‘inexplicably concerned’ over the outcome of Russia’s elections next year

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
24th Nov 23 6:07 am

The Kremlin are “inexplicably concerned” over the outcome of the Russian presidential elections, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Central Election Commission chair, Ella Pamfilova made comments on Tuesday that people in Russia have already started “efforts to discredit” next year’s elections.

The ISW said, Pamfilova’s “statement suggests that the Russian government will continue to intensify censorship efforts under the guise of fighting attempted internal election meddling ahead of the presidential elections.”

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“The Kremlin may also be concerned about a perceived lack of support for Putin from the Russian veteran community,” the ISW added.

The ISW said “The Kremlin’s apparent concern about Putin’s support is odd.

“Given that the Levada Center – an independent Russian polling organisation – found that 82% of Russians approved of Mr Putin’s performance as of October this year.”

Earlier this month it was revealed that Putin is set to run for president again next year in March that will keep him in power until 2030.

Six sources told Reuters that the Kremlin chief Dmitry Peskov believes that the Russian leader must navigate Russia through one of the more dangerous periods in history.

The six sources spoke with Reuters on condition of anonymity amid the sensitivity of politics within the Kremlin.

A source with knowledge of the plan said that behind the scenes,  “The decision has been made – he will run.”

Another Kremlin insider source confirmed Putin will run again in March and that his advisors are preparing the plans.

A source said, “The world we look out upon is very dangerous,” whilst another diplomatic source confirmed the decision.

Another source said, “Russia is facing the combined might of the West so major change would not be expedient.”

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