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Fours ways to decrease life stress

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13th Sep 21 8:03 am

Is life getting just a little too stressful for you these days? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to minimize everyday stress and pressure, especially if you catch the problem before it gets out of hand. But don’t expect a one size fits all solution, because everyone deals with stressful circumstances differently.

When the pressures of daily life grow to a certain point, some turn to meditation and quiet moments away from the noise of the crowd. Others simply soak away their troubles in a warm tub of water, enjoy vaping their favorite dry herbs, listen to relaxation audiotapes, take up a new hobby, go for a walk, do full body stretching routines, and more. The thing to remember is that stress relief is personal, so not all the following techniques will work for everyone. But, when you find one that suits your personality, try it out and see how much less worrisome life can be.

Get a vaporizer

Vaporizers have been a staple of the consumer marketplace for well more than a decade. The devices come in all sizes, shapes, and price points, but they all deliver a deeply relaxing experience based on whatever dry herbs you choose. In addition to being totally smokeless and 100 percent energy efficient, today’s portable and desktop vaporizers are a good value for people who like the refined, clean taste of natural herbs. Shop at the better online resellers for a model that suits your particular needs and fits your budget. Say goodbye to stress and hello to deep relaxation with a vaporizer unit for your home or office.

Use relaxation recordings

It’s easy to find no cost or very low-cost relaxation audio recordings at hundreds of different online websites. A simple search will turn up more than you can use in a year’s time, but some are better than others, so stick with sellers and free providers who have been around for several years. The process is as simple as can be. Place headphones or earbuds on, start the recording, and sit in a chair or lie on a bed or couch. In less than 20 minutes per day, these specially designed spoken or all music recordings can drop your stress level from 100 to near zero. Many people fall asleep while listening, so try sitting in a chair if you want to stay awake but relaxed.

Take regular stretch and walk breaks

Plan to take two or three (or more) stretching and walking breaks every day, even if you’re not at work. Do simple stretches that don’t cause any pain but give your whole body a sense of elongating and relaxing. Walk wherever you like and don’t worry about keeping a brisk pace because this is not about exercise. It’s about relaxation.

Learn a craft

Consider learning a craft that you’ve always been interested in. Whether it’s knitting, acrylic painting, clay sculpting, drawing, woodworking, or something else, the particular activity doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it takes your mind off job and life worries. Avoid complex crafts and try to start out with simpler ones.

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