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Take a break from business and go for a walk

by John Saunders
12th Mar 20 2:08 pm

It’s always good to go for walk. Some even argue that there is no better rest to be had than to actually go outside and stretch your legs for a while. At the moment there are several cities opting for the position of being the most walkable city on the world and although nothing has been decided yet, what they do have in common is the desire to display themselves from their best side by suggesting that you should explore them from a walking perspective.

One such city is Budapest, where GuruWalk for instance offer a range of walking tours aimed at providing visitors with a comprehensive experience of the city. Based on your interests you can choose to go for a tour more focused on culture or perhaps you are more interested in history.

The common sentiment is though that you should think about taking a break from business as usual for a while, schedule a trip and put on your walking shoes before exploring to your hearts content. If you opt for Budapest, here are 5 different walking tours that would give you an exciting view of the city, from the ground.

Five walking tours in Budapest worth lacing up your walking shoes for

  1. Buda and Pest – one of the walking tours covering most things you need to see in “the Pearl of Danube”, is actually one that takes you by the city’s most noticeable sites. Buda Mountain, the Hungarian Parliament Building and Mount Gellert are all samples of some of the intriguing buildings and places that you will get to experience if you opt for a more general walking tour of Budapest.

    If this is your first visit then perhaps this is the way to go as it will provide you with a general understanding of the city from a historical, cultural as well as societal point of view.

    2. An alternative route – if this is not your first time in the city and you feel as if you have had the opportunity to explore some of Budapest’s more well-known sites, then perhaps you should opt for the more alternative route. Budapest’s VII District is a somewhat lesser known jewel in the crown of the city but one that should not be easily dismissed. Somewhat difficult to navigate yourself though and that’s why a guided walking tour is perfect.

    This alternative tour includes everything from green parks to street art and murials, offering another side to the city which is just as intriguing as the Fisherman’s Bastion but a bit more hidden.

    3. Feel like royalty for a day – Buda Castle is one of the most famous castles in Budapest and it attracts a myriad of visitors each year. For good reason, as this castle holds secrets and stories from ancient times when kings ruled the nation and knights where posted outside the city walls. Although no battles rage here anymore there is still plenty excitement in the air.

    Alongside the castle, several churches will be explored as will the Royal Palace. A regal flair will perforate the tour and you will get a sense of what royal life was like, granted in the Middle Ages, but still.

    4. Hungry in Hungary – some walking tours have made it their purpose to seek out and share with its participants all of the delicious treasures a city has to offer. From traditional cuisine to more modern fusion alternatives, there is something for everyone and you will get a sense of what it’s like to eat like a local.

    5. Arts and crafts – if you love culture, you will love Budapest and there is something unique about experiencing a city on foot when it comes to its cultural treasures. You will get an up close and personal view of what constitutes a city and in the case of Budapest, St. Stephen’s Basilica or the Hungarian National Museum are both prime examples of that.

    By opting for a walking tour, you also have the opportunity to maximise the experiment and view many more interested sites along the way, such as the Danube Promenade.

Walk your way around Budapest

By opting for a walking tour when discovering Budapest on your next break from your busy life, you will perhaps have the opportunity to spend a bit more on accommodation. Something luxurious that will allow you to rest between exploring different parts of the city. Budapest is an extraordinary destination made for relaxation and as previously mentioned, one of the best ways to relax is to go for a walk.

Then of course you also have the famous thermal baths if you feel you would like to go for a more active relaxation. The choice is yours and whichever you choose, Budapest will not leave you disappointed.

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