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Five ways simple technology can improve your streaming experience

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11th Nov 20 3:55 pm

Did you know that there are countless ways through which you can amplify your streaming experience? These methods range from minor to some significant one-time changes, which are definitely worth it and will make a massive difference in your life altogether.

Since the pandemic, people have trapped themselves inside their houses, and there is little to do throughout the day after work. If you choose to spend your day or the time after work relaxing and rejuvenating your mind from all the home or work-related stress by watching your favorite movie, it needs to be great.

If you play a movie on a low sound quality device or a TV with screen issues, it will automatically put you off and instead give you a bad headache or distract you from the real story altogether, even if it is a box office hit.

To counter such issues solely for your comfort and to create an environment that will help you make the most of your time as you stream.

The following are 5 essential technological tools and tricks to enhance whatever machinery you have and provide an extra benefit to you while you plan on watching a movie or show. These five tools will also come in handy for numerous other activities like opening up additional libraries for you or providing cybersecurity. They are as follows:

1. Streaming service

What can improve your streaming experience more than having the best streaming service at your disposal. A service that contains thousands of titles and shows from all genres that exist. Currently, there is a fully-fledged streaming war going on where numerous contenders like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and some British entertainment services are competing against each other with their diverse catalogs, price, and availability.

Having one of these services will present several titles for you to choose from, never leaving you with any mediocre movies and shows, making sure that you enjoy them.

2. VPN

Owning and understanding the technicalities and functionality of a VPN is not rocket science. It is actually a simple tool to keep you secure throughout the web, and it comes with a rather excellent feature of bypassing restricted sites and libraries.

As you know, Netflix has a restricted catalog according to each region, and of all the regions, the US has the best library of them all. With the help of a VPN, you can get US Netflix in UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and literally anywhere in the world. Just connect, and you’re good to go.

3. Great devices

You can never stream anything on a slow and old device. Slow mobile, laptop, or an old TV with a bad color or pixel quality will ruin the perfect experience. The key is to have the latest technology or devices that run smoothly without causing any lags or disrupting the movie’s pixels or colors.

Invest in an excellent smart TV with 4K UHD quality. A big screen and a perfect picture quality are all that one needs to make their movie night fantastic.

4. Streaming devices

In case you don’t own a smart TV, a streaming device will cater to your streaming needs. A streaming device is a small tool that you can attach to your flatscreen via a USB or a set-top box. These setups give your TV access to the internet and, through their interface, lets you install whatever streaming app you want and play your favorite shows and movies on a big screen.

These devices are extremely handy and convenient to use. You can carry them wherever you want to and connect to any non-smart TV. Currently, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Chromecast, along with gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, are the devices that people prefer for streaming.

5. External speakers

TV volume can never be fully satisfying; you always miss out on those lightly whispered dialogues and have to rewind repeatedly to hear what the actor was saying. And then there are times where the background score is louder than the dialogue, making it non-audible. These inconsistent sound issues have only one solution, good quality external speakers.

External speakers can automatically shift you into a theater mode in your house and create a theatrical environment for you to enjoy your movie in. Wireless speakers are also a part of this; depending on your device and the environment you are in, make sure you don’t disturb your peers through these high volumes.

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