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Five top sips for Small businesses at Christmas markets

by LLB Reporter
27th Nov 21 10:58 am

Festive pop-ups can be great however they don’t come without their challenges. We sat down with Esmé Rogers – Evans owner of bespoke online jewellery brand owner, to get her top tips to maximise sales during most wonderful time of the year.

1. Pick the right market.

‘I’ve done fantastic pop-ups in central London and although it was amazing for social media content and PR, we didn’t see the sales we would have liked,’ warns Esmé, ‘think about if the market is right for your particular product and target audience.’

Many events use marketing buzzwords such as ‘sustainable brands’, ‘independent’ and ‘ethically sourced’ in their promotions. This may all be true, but this doesn’t mean it will automatically bring buyers to your fantastic indie business. Do some research and find out who else is going to be there. Considerations should include:

• Price points – are you similar, way above or way below other brands with a stall?

• Would your customers usually go to this or a similar location?

• How long is the market there for, how well known is it and what reputation does it have?

2. Cash isn’t king.

Have some sort of digital payment system set up, especially if you have higher ticket items. Esmé recommends Sum Up (**link to their site) as it is easy to pair with your phone, straight forward to use and cost effective. If your items are priced at the lower end of the spectrum it may be worth simplifying or rounding up your prices to limit the amount of change you’ll need to take with you.

It is also worth noting here that you may want to take a portable phone charger with you. You won’t always be positioned near a power point. In the quieter moments of the market it’s a great time to catch up on emails or make content, both will drain your phones battery and might leave you in a pickle during the busier times.

3. Presentation.

‘Don’t spend lots of money on plinths or fancy display units, especially if you’re just starting out,’ advises Esmé, ‘I recently invested in some lighting for my stalls, the reflection highlights the jewellery beautifully and the glow from the table draws people in’.

It’s essential to do a test run of how you will set you stall up. Think about creative (and inexpensive) ways to display your product. Lighting is a fantastic and simple way to make you stand out. Remember about your plug sockets though and consider using battery powered lights.

4. Parking.

‘If your event is relatively close, I would always advise doing a parking reccy beforehand’, says Esmé. Many locations won’t have parking directly outside so consider how to transport your goods to the venue once you get there as well.

5. Creature comforts.

Markets can be long days, they can also be outside, and we all know how reliable the Great British weather is, especially in winter.

‘My top tip is to take cardboard to stand on, it may sound silly, but when you’re outside all day on your feet it can be kinder on your soles, and it gives you that little bit of extra, much needed warmth’.

Other top tips for the day from Esmé include:

• Take your favourite warm drink in a flask.

• Don’t drink too much though, you don’t want to miss customers because of frequent bathroom trips.

• Wear layers.

• Make friends! Talk to your fellow stall holders, this can be an informal way to build new connections and you can have someone look after your stall whilst you pop to the loo.

• Have a fold down chair.

• Take a craft with you. If you can make your product on the stall, that’s fantastic. Alternatively if this doesn’t apply, take a hobby project with you. It will keep you occupied during the quieter moments and will showcase how amazingly creative you are!

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